Southern Highlands life is all about moving in harmony with the seasons so we have created the Highland Harvest Feasts Series to celebrate the earth's cycles. From the Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox, each season offers us something unique and fresh.

Our feast events are authentic adventures that connect you with nature and as self-confessed contemporary country dwellers we bring to life seasonal customs. So expect some storytelling, music and a focus on the growing cycle in our menus. This means we can introduce a twist on past Pagan, Saxon, Nordic and Celtic banquets to craft events that celebrate Highland life.

Feast of the Beast
Winter Solstice- Dinner on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Love Feast
Spring Equinox- Dinner on Saturday 22nd September 2018

Midsummer Feast
Summer Solstice- Dinner on Friday 21st December 2018

Wine Harvest Feast
Autumn Equinox- Lunch on Saturday 24th March 2019

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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Celebrating the horned hunter as he is reborn during Winter Solstice, this feast menu is designed around a whole beast cooked slowly with fire. Get ready for a winter culinary adventure with local wines, storytelling, wassailing, fire-side music and revelry as we bring to life our own local Highland Burn.
Expect a forest feast with Celtic, Nordic and Highland history, woven in. Rug up for dinner cooked by fire to warm your heart, music and tales told by creatives and artists as the days shorten and nights grow cold and misty. Prizes for best Pagan attire so get your costume ready.

Choose general admission - $95 for an adult and $45 for kids, all-inclusive food, wine and entertainment. This is a kid friendly event.

Alternatively be the master of your own round table and go for the private table complete with your own serf to bring your food and drink to you - $195 per person.

Location is in the State Forest and a map will be sent to you before the event.



Saturday 22nd September 2018

Spring Equinox is here and we rejoice a season of new life with our romantic feast for those with love in their hearts.

The perfect date night for lovers or venture out solo if you are looking for someone special. Who knows who you might meet with Aphrodite in the air? Spring is here and we have love on our minds.

Cost is per person, all-inclusive food, wine and entertainment.

Location details and map will be sent before the feast. General area is Berrima.



Friday 21st December 2018

Our Midsummer Feast for the Summer Solstice celebrates the power of the sun, honouring the space between earth and the heavens. On the longest day of the year, fairies are afoot so rejoice with us the balance between water and fire in our billabong dinner setting.

Midsummer Feast is a collaboration of local producers with Redleaf farm’s produce taking centre stage. Our dinner centre piece will be award winning Redleaf Farm lamb and expect some solstice surprises.

Dress up welcomed in your pagan festive best!

Bookings are now open

Cost is $145 per person including food, wine and entertainment.
Location details will be sent before the feast. Venue is in Bowral, NSW.



Saturday 24th March 2019

During the Autumn Equinox its grape picking time in the Southern Highlands so we are celebrating the wine harvest with our second feast at the award winning Far Ago Hill Vineyard in Canyonleigh.

With no cellar door for public access, this is a unique opportunity to experience this stunning private vineyard as the autumn colours start to flood the highlands. Feast on a gastronomic exploration of locally grown produce as we enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine, relaxing music, great conversation and breath-taking views of this Canyonleigh property. Lunch will honour the seasonal growing cycle showcasing locally grown farmed and foraged ingredients and be accompanied by 2018 Far Ago Pinot Gris, 2018 Syrosa and 2017 Shiraz as the picking season comes to a close. Guests will also get the chance to pre-order the 2018 vintage at a special event price. Set to be an annual event, numbers are limited so booking early is recommended.

Cost is $175 per person, all-inclusive food, wine and entertainment.


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Our partners are our inspiration from local farmers, producers, award winning vignerons, chefs, spirit makers, beer brewers, artisans and creatives.

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