Growing herbs does not have to be hard, in fact, once you find out which herbs love your region its surprisingly easy. For me its mint, it literately grows everywhere and, with out any attention, endures year are year. So I embraced this and now have 6 varieties growing in my garden.
The great thing about mint is you can grow it from a cutting, it grows easily and can survive even a hardly frosty Highlands winter. Just pick a spot that offers well drained soil and half the day of sun.

So on Saturday night, feeling like a vodka to two, I decided to get creative and make cocktails. I ventured into the garden and came back with a handful of fresh spearmint. What followed was magic.

.Its takes just minutes to make Spearmint Syrup which you can use in ice tea, desserts, on ice cream or in cocktails. My cocktail Martini is as simple as 30ml Vodka, 60ml Spearmint Syrup and 120ml of Soda Water, stirred not shaken. Just delicious.

Enjoy your Harvest Table.