Its hard to pinpoint when my love of cooking began, how it evolved into my personal food obsession and then into a business in regional Australia.  I think it came down to two important factors.

Firstly, as a family we ate dinner together every night at the table or around the open fire in Winter. And secondly my Mum was a good cook but not a great one, so I started helping in the kitchen during my teenage years and experimented.

Three dishes Mum used to make were legendary in our house – Family Lamb Roast, Brussels Sprouts Cooked in Chicken Noodle Soup and Tortino (an Italian chocolate cake). I have improved on Mums recipe thanks to some fantastic balsamic vinegar, so with peak growing season in Autumn, now seems the right time to share a very simple, and often under appreciated, Brussel Sprout recipe.

Done well, it is pure heaven and thanks to Tertini Wines incredible Olive Oil, the magic that is Olsson’s Sea Salt and my latest obsession Mrs Oldbucks Pantry, Berrima Pear and Vanilla Balsamic (sooo in love with this product!!) we have a great way to devour these nutritious and tasty green, cabbage family, gems.

Enjoy your Harvest Table.